Breezy Bulletin

#10 January 25, 2019

All Breezy Bulletin’s will now be dated and/or numbered. I am in the process of developing a new website and will post it there and on the bulletin board. Keep watching!

All T-shirts are on sale now $5 for any size! Get them while they last!

Please add your lot number to all items ordered so that delivery can be directly to you. UPS and FedEx have already started. Thanks for your cooperation.


I’m starting another electric upgrade soon. It will be the two electric panels just off the corner of the Rec Hall. The capacity will be doubled or more and should resolve future air conditioning problems for next year. I will let everyone know a few days in advance of when to expect the power to go off during construction. Hopefully you will only lose power for less than 8 hours. This will only affect the lettered lots and 1 thru 24. I anticipate this to happen sometime in February or March.

My plan for leaf removal is every Tuesday morning taking the dump trailer to the dump with garbage collected then returning to remove all of the leaf piles. This is subject to weather of course! I believe that this is working well. If the dust and noise is of bother, you might consider going to town to run errands Tuesday mornings.

Anyone that would like to use the Rec Hall is encouraged to do so but please check with me first to make sure we don’t have multiple people wanting to use it at the same time!